Manage transfers with ease
without the need for a bank account

Custom-made card designs, flexible reload capability with superior budget control features and bulk issuance

Our virtual prepaid card is ideal for those of us who wish to avoid the burden of another physical card. Effortless shopping in every online merchant

Our physical prepaid card is perfect for purchases both online and offline and gives you instant access to your money at any ATM that accepts Visa and MasterCard

Some of our prepaid card business models include:

Prepaid card for remittances

Promotes cost effective way of
transferring money back home

Prepaid loyalty card for retailers

Drives customer retention
and increase sale potential

Prepaid card for pay-out of winnings

Provides a secure and efficient way
of managing your business while staying
compliant with AML requirements for
withdrawal requests

Prepaid card for pay-roll

Provides an efficient tool for payroll
management, full budgetary control
and instant access to available funds