Online payments solution, combining a quick on-boarding process with a robust processing technology


A wide range of card models with unique value proposition for both businesses and consumers. Accepted worldwide, our cards can be digitalized on your mobile and offer additional functionalities such as loyalty, parental control, etc


Payoo provides a remarkable customer experience. User-friendly and intuitive, our e-wallet is based on the latest technology, ensuring high level of security and making payments easy, whether they are recurring, P2P, on-line
or off-line.

Paynetics is licensed as an e-money issuer and a payment institution within the European Union. We are a principal member of VISA and MasterCard

Security before all

Best in class IT infrastructure combined
with superior risk management

Flexible solutions

Products are easily adaptable to your needs

Innovation Driven

Robust infrastructure allows us to take
customer experience to new levels

Short time to market

Flexible infrastructure and modular
product approach ensures quick implementation